Saturday, July 6, 2013


Heels from Coach, Black Dress and Spiked Necklace c/o H&M, Red Belt c/o Forever 21, Flower Ring from Chanel.

I didn't want this look completely black so I wore this Forever 21 red belt with this dress to make my outfit looks more interesting. And as the jewel, I wore a black flower ring from Chanel to match with my black dress.

So I wore this outfits to go to breakfast with my cousin yesterday. After Breakfast, we took a walk along the river after breakfast, It was really really hot but I always love the way the sun illuminates the road, especially the river side. This post supposed to be done like two days ago.. but i've been really busy and lazy so...sorry guys:( 

And somehow I'm really bad at photoshop pictures so two of my best friends Jessie and Kimmy did all the photoshop work for me!!! I really appreciate!!

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